We do not have borders for our products.

Our presence internationally, as an important manufacturer of Generators and with an experience as long as the one of UNIKA Group, makes our equipment reach any place in the world.

Among the clients who have put their trust on UNIKA Generators we have: Public Agencies as Ministries of Defense and Health, supermarket chains, farms, factories of different sectors, shopping centers, hospitals, etc; spread over more than 20 countries, which confirm and consolidate us as one of the main international suppliers of generators, always supported by our wide network of distributors.

We have a commercial department in English and French to offer our customers the best solution, adapting to any special features that may be necessary. But, in addition, we have a very short time of manufacture and delivery, to give immediate response to your need.

The components of the UNIKA generators are of European origin, with the guarantee, quality and after-sales service of the first brands of internationally recognized prestige, with the main purpose of offering a technical service and availability of spare parts in any country. If we add that we have the official CE marking, ISO 9001 quality certificate and ISO 14001 environmental certificate and our almost 35 years of experience, UNIKA is undoubtedly a safe bet.

UNIKA Pump Distributors Worldwide