Versatility and easy transportation

Grupo electrogeno Motosoldadora

It is in our range of motor-welder generators. Air cooled, 3,000 rpm, which can be used as a welder and as an electric power generator. It is available in both gasoline and diesel. Easily transportable, this is a set consisting of motor and alternator / welder in two versions: Start rope or electric start, assembled on tubular chassis of small dimensions.

Main features:

  • Metal tubular frame with anti-vibration supports
  • Four-stroke engine, air-cooled.
  • Alternator self-excited and self-regulated 4 poles. Class H insulation
  • Recoverable manual start (by rope).
  • Single-phase equipment (230V 50 Hz / 120V 60 Hz) with two single-phase bases, with protection system by thermal circuit breaker.
  • Three phase equipment (400/230 V 50 Hz / 220/127 V 60 Hz) with three-phase base and single-phase base, with protection system by thermal circuit breaker.
  • Electric starter version: Included starter battery connected to the motor by its support and installation.