Generator sets

Industrial range

Open version:

• 4-stroke diesel engine at 1.500 rpm, cooled by water, air or oil, electric start at 12/24 V.
• Three-phase alternator (400/230 V) or single-phase (230 V), self-regulating and self-excited.
• Start / stop panel, incorporated in the equipment, with reading of electrical values. Include key and control board.
• Electronic speed regulation in medium and high power groups.
• Bench with integrated fuel tank and support legs.
• Anti-vibration supports.
• Standard exhaust system.
• Battery / s.
• Battery charger (in automatic panel).

Soundproof version:

• Body made up of modular structure, made of steel sheet punched and folded under pressure, with soundproofing components and interior lining of sound-absorbing material and sound insulation. Perfect access to the inner area of the equipment and high absorption rate of the acoustic level.

Optional items:
• Residential silent (standard in groups soundproofed and optional in open version).
• Oil drain pump.
• Fuel transfer pump, in automatic equipment.
• Liquid holding tray, in soundproofed equipment.
• Fuel tank with capacity expanded.
• Kit for mobilization.

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