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Grupo electrogeno Bombas UNIKA

The UNIKA brand is present in a multitude of products, although it is primarily focused on water pumps, and therefore the company is known as BOMBAS UNIKA, S.L. As we expanded our product families, we detected that users demanded an energy solution which complemented the main product, so quickly we embarked on the manufacture of generators, achieving successful results. More than 30 years ago, our first UNIKA generators came out from our factory. UNIKA is currently known for its water pumps, fire fighting equipment, tractor take-off equipment and, in particular,  its generator sets.

UNIKA is considered a prestigious brand in the energy sector, due to its long history, quality, technical assistance and the manufacture of products with a long useful life; but also, by contributing with something that makes the difference over other companies: the adaptability and engagement with the client.

How can we ensure the excellence in the manufacture of the product, consolidate our position and obtain the satisfaction of our customers? We just have to follow UNIKA guidelines:

•          Qualified staff and proven experience.
•          Fully equipped facilities.
•          Selection of the best suppliers and components.
•          Fully calibrated assembly process.
•          Rigorous tests, checks and measurements to offer certified quality.
•          Problem solving, effective and permanent after-sales service.
•        A high and constant interest to improve, which makes us to overcome each day

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Facts that make the difference


We are present in more than 20 countries, such as Norway, Portugal, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria … among others.


The security and reliability of a recognized and consolidated brand.


Maximum time we spend in answering your query or preparing your quotation.